My clients are kind enough to say nice things about the services I create and deliver on their behalf. Here’s a selection of their comments :


"Everyone said how pleasant it was to attend a funeral that was so light hearted and fitting. The tears flowed: they weren't tears of sadness but of joy for a complete life. Thank you again for your guidance. An excellent job."


"My family and I would like to send to you our grateful thanks for all the effort you put into helping make the service so memorable.  We couldn't have asked for more.  We feel very fortunate to have had you as celebrant."


"I have been overwhelmed with messages from friends and family saying how thoughtful, emotional and also joyous they found the services. The event brought great emotion but also great comfort. I'm not sure how best to conclude this email other than with a very genuine 'thank you'." 


"Friends and neighbours commented how well it went and thought you knew Dad. Heartfelt thanks once again."


"Thank you for steering us through the service so well. Your stewardship was excellent; you did a wonderful job of making the service feel personal."


"I just wanted to say thank to you for the lovely service today. You were very kind and helpful and what you said reflected exactly how we felt."


"On behalf of all our family, thank you for making [his] send-off so memorable for us all.  We all thought that you conducted the service in the most appropriate and professional way. You managed to grasp the essence of [him] - his adventurous life and outgoing personality."

"We were thrilled by how the service for Mum went yesterday.  Thank you for making her story come to life; I really don't think it could have gone any better... celebrating her life in a dignified yet entertaining way.  I am sure she would have enjoyed it."


"Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job at Dad's funeral on Tuesday.  It was a wonderful occasion when we were able to celebrate his life and the three of us were very appreciative of how well you captured his personality."


"We just wanted to thank you again for all your help with dad’s funeral.  You helped us to capture the essence of dad and delivered the service in a warm hearted manner with a light and gentle touch."


"Thank you both for organising a fantastic service and burial. Many people have complemented us on the lovely service; one of the best they’ve ever seen was typical of the views expressed by those attending."

“Thank you so much for the wonderful service for my dearest mum. It was a wonderful tribute to her and you captured her spirit beautifully.”


“Thank you so much for officiating at my mother's funeral. You really made the service special and had my mother's character down to a tee. It was carried out so sensitively and just right for such a sad occasion.”


“We were impressed how you managed to turn our rather inarticulate thoughts into a beautiful picture of her life and the readings you found were very poignant.  Your delivery set just the right tone.”


“At my age I have been to many funerals and I can honestly say that is the best eulogy I have ever heard.”


“Absolutely incredible how you have captured his character. I found it difficult to believe that you were not a close friend of his for years!”


“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for making our service so special.  I have had lots of lovely messages about the service from the people who were there in person or watching on the Webcam.”


“Once again we wanted to say thanks for writing and delivering such a comprehensive, touching and uplifting service that very accurately reflected my dad. We are heartened that we gave him the best send-off possible.”


"Thank you again for the lovely service you did for dad yesterday.  The whole family were very touched by your words and how you were able to capture the essence of dad so eloquently and so kindly. It made the service so special and has provided us all with a lovely memory of the day."


"Thank you so very much from all the families for your wonderful, eloquent performance at (his) cremation yesterday. We are indebted to you. It was a wonderful send off for my dear husband."


"On behalf of the whole family, I would like to thank you for leading the funeral of Mum. The whole process was perfect and exactly what we had in mind. We felt that it was almost as if you knew her."

"Thank you so much a wonderful service: a very fitting tribute to a wonderful man. Everybody said without exception what an uplifting morning it had been. Most importantly of all, he would have loved it."


"On behalf of mum’s family and friends we would like to thank you for a lovely service. You did mum proud."


"I and all the family would like to thank you for the way you conducted the service for dad.  You pitched it beautifully. I would also like to thank you for the way you allowed us complete flexibility for the service itself.  You made it very easy for me at a difficult time."


"Thank you so much for your very personal and professional services, which have been greatly appreciated. You went well over and above what was expected with all your research and consideration."


"I am writing to say a huge ‘thank you very much’ for the amazing service you did for my husband. You did it in such a way that I felt you had known him all his life. So many people paid you so many compliments. Know that I shall be recommending you at any opportunity."


"I just wanted to thank you so much for a brilliant job today. You were absolutely faultless, and my dad would have loved the fact that you did such a terrific job. We really feel blessed to have found you as a family."


"Thank you for making mum’s service so memorable. It was spoken with compassion, feeling, love and humour."


"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful service yesterday for my Dad. You captured the essence of him perfectly with the right amount of humour and factual information. You made what was an emotional and difficult day all the much easier to bear."


"We just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. You were absolutely brilliant and we couldn’t have asked for it to have gone any better."


“Thank you so much for conducting [his] celebration of life. Everyone felt that the service was a fitting tribute and that you delivered the service as if you knew [him].”


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You pulled everything together wonderfully well and those present remarked on a job very well done. I used the word before – it was magical.”


“You showed kindness, compassion and somehow managed to include everything I had requested.  I felt that the tone was just right and a fitting tribute to [him]. Thank you again for all you have done for us.”


“You did an absolute amazing service for my dad; it was so perfect. Thank you.”


“I just wanted to thank you again on behalf of my family for the beautiful service. Everybody said how you encapsulated [her] life and it evoked memories from everyone.”


“We all wanted to say a huge thank you for carrying out dad’s service yesterday. You managed to sum dad up as if you knew him. The day certainly was a celebration of his life. Thank you for making this day one that we will never forget, but cherish.”


“What a wonderful tribute to dad. It’s amazing; we love it! Thank you so much for your kindness.”


“I thought it was one of the loveliest services I have been to.  Your words fitted perfectly, capturing the spirit of him – quite a feat after just one meeting with us but your careful listening and intelligent interpretation portrayed the man we loved.”


“Thank you so much for the lovely service you conducted on Friday. The way you pulled together our thoughts and memories summed Mum up perfectly. The service could not have been a better celebration of a life well lived.”


Sending you an enormous "thank you" for the wonderful funeral and memorial service you helped us to provide in the crematorium and the Abbey. We so appreciated your understanding, kindness and empathic support. Many people commented on how well you had captured [him] and how good both your addresses were.”


“Thank you so much for the funeral service for my brother. Although it was a heart-breaking day, the thought and care put into the service and the smooth running of everything was superb.”


"Thank you again for the way you put together and delivered the service yesterday. Everyone said what a wonderful service it was and perfect for [him]. I think they all recognised an event or characteristic that reminded them of times spent with him. We all feel it was just as Dave would have wanted."


"My family have had so many positive comments about your service. So many people could not quite believe that you did not know Dad personally due to the whole way you delivered his service. Your communication before and during the service, along with your attention to detail and kind nature, made the service as perfect as we had hoped for."


"I just wanted to thank you again for the magic you worked on all of our memories of [my husband] to give him the best possible send-off. You are a very special man with a great gift."


"Just a short email to express our sincere thanks for leading the thanksgiving service for our daughter. Your sensitive tribute, and all the other arrangements going smoothly, made the occasion considerably less stressful for us than it might otherwise have been. Many thanks for being prepared to take on this difficult role for us."


"I really want to thank you for the lovely service that you delivered for dad. We have had so many compliments about it, and I am really grateful. In fact one of our neighbours was so impressed he wants to book himself in! As hard as these things are I like to think that we gave dad a good send off."


"Your lovely words were well received by all the family and were a fitting tribute to our Dad. You managed to capture everything we chatted about when we first met and then added some colour and detail into the eulogy. It was presented professionally at the funeral service and fitted so well with our chosen music and photographs."


"I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely service you gave my mother. Your words were truly lovely & producing the wooden spoon was perfection. Everybody commented on how appropriate & funny that was. Go raibh míla maith agat."


"Both dad and I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help and support in providing such a wonderful service and send off for mum. You captured mum beautifully in your speech, and listening to you speak about her as she was gave me a sense of calm. Your support and kindness has meant a great deal to us, and once again we thank you very much."


"A very big thank you for the lovely send-off you did. Your presentation was wonderful; summed my man up well and everyone enjoyed it."

"I just wanted to thank you for conducting mum's funeral yesterday.  Several people remarked on how well you did it - personal but not over the top, and just right for the way they remembered mum. "


"Once again I should like to say thank you on behalf of my sisters & myself for the lovely tribute you gave for mum last Thursday. It was such a sad day for all of us but you managed to make us smile, by capturing all the positive aspects of her character."


"Thank you for the beautiful service you put together for our mother’s funeral. You spoke so well about her and captured perfectly the lovely person she was. Thank you for your part in what was, for us, a very special day."


"Your service captured her perfectly and you delivered it beautifully. Five star reviews all round!"


"Thank you for the wonderful way you delivered the service. It was wholly appropriate and much appreciated."


"Thank you so much for officiating at [his] funeral service on Friday.  We thought that it captured [him] very well and all his friends thought so too."


“On behalf of the family can I say thank for yesterday?  We all thought you hit the right tone and several people said how nice the service was.  We found you to be professional, helpful and caring and this helped us at such a difficult time.”


“Thank you so much for your excellent service at Mum's funeral today.  It would have been the service she would have chosen for herself.   It was uplifting and although not joyful, it was a celebration of her life with an informality and a composed air of tranquillity about it, just right.”


Thank you so much for such a beautiful service in honour of my dad. It was a difficult day but the service was such a lovely tribute to him. Many people have said it was one of the best tributes they had heard.”


Just a quick note to express our extreme gratitude for the wonderful service you performed at Mum’s funeral on Friday afternoon.  So many people commented on the service and how it was a fitting tribute to Mum which is very touching. We’re truly grateful and appreciative of your first class efforts and would have no hesitation in recommending your services.”


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your eulogy at my Dad’s funeral and for structuring the whole event so well.  You captured the essence of my Dad and everybody commented on how lovely the service was.”


“Thank you very much for putting the time and effort in to make [her] service so memorable. Everything went so well.”


“My family were all so happy that such a sad occasion could be conducted so beautifully and with just the right balance. We would like to say a big thank you.”


“I’m writing with grateful thanks for conducting the service for my late husband. It was a simple and moving ceremony which gave great comfort to me and my family.”


“I would like to say a big thank you to you on behalf of my whole family for Friday. So many people came up to us afterwards and told us it was perfect and captured the essence of Dad. It was the saddest, loveliest day. So, again, thank you so much.”


"Thank you very much for all your help with my mother’s funeral – advice during the planning, and the excellent way in which you led the event itself. I am sure it was the kind of send-off she would have wished for.”


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely service that you gave for my father, on Monday. Mum was delighted with how well it all went … and I know that my dad would have definitely been very happy.”


“I would just like to say a big thank you for such a nice funeral service for my much loved grandfather on Monday.  I know grandad would have chosen a man like you for the job. Your tone, understanding and sensitivity was appreciated by all the family.”


“Mum and I wanted to say thank you for being a part of Dad's funeral yesterday. Family and friends have all said what a wonderful service it was, and the words encapsulated him perfectly. Such a moving send-off gave a little peace to those who attended and would have made my Dad very proud.”


"Thank you for leading us through such a meaningful service yesterday.  Everyone said how perfect it was and complimented your skill in portraying the [man] we knew.”


“Thank you so much for today. Once again you were splendid and conducted events beautifully. The plaudits from the assembled company have been many in number and most complimentary.”


“I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent stewardship of our father's service last week. Difficult as it is for such events to be in any way enjoyable, they are certainly much easier and more comforting when they are done well. Thank you for making such a difficult day a little easier, it is much appreciated.”


"How you manage to present such a clear picture of someone you have never met astounds me, but you do it so well. We have had such lovely comments from friends and colleagues who enjoyed listening about the life dad had before, and after, they knew him. We can’t thank you enough."


"You made the service exactly what we wanted - some sadness but humour too, and ultimately hopeful and uplifting. We've received many comments from family and friends who were there, praising the tone, content and delivery."


"We would like to thank you for delivering the most wonderful service for our father.  You captured the essence of our father perfectly and we are so grateful.  The day was a celebration in the best possible way."


"The family are over the moon with what you've written and want to send their sincerest thanks for creating such a moving piece which has captured [her] perfectly."


"I just want to say one thing: beautiful. Lucky are those who cross your path in their time of sorrow."


"You have turned my jumble of ideas into something beautiful. I've had my moments of tears, but your script moved me more than anything else has this past fortnight. Thank you so much."


"Just wanted to say that I have had yet more comments along the lines of 'he must have known her very well'. Thank you for a job well done!"


"Hi Peter. I am writing on behalf of Mum and the rest of the family to thank you so much for the lovely service you gave for Dad. You really captured all the little details that made it so personal to us as a family.  Thank you for your kindness..."


"Thank you so much for today Peter. Everyone said what a lovely service it was and I'm sure Dad would have enjoyed it too. Everything went really well and that was largely down to you. When I go, I've left instructions that you do my funeral too!"


"Just to say thank you very much for conducting mum's funeral service last Friday. Although obviously a sad time for us, it was a lovely celebration of her life. We did appreciate your care, sensitivity and thoughtfulness throughout this time."


“Hi Peter. Hope this message finds you well. Thank you so much; we were all very moved by your fantastic service."


“As I get older I go to more and more funerals, and I've seen quite a few. That was the best one I have ever attended."


“I just wanted to say a personal thank you to you for leading the service for our Dad last Thursday.  It was just perfect and although obviously a very emotional day, it was also a happy day full of wonderful memories. All our friends and relatives were full of compliments at the wake afterwards.”


“I wish to thank you very much for the care you took in providing such a thoughtful service in memory of my sister. Her sudden death left us unprepared but your assistance made the farewell memorable and heartfelt.”


“My sincere thanks to you for all you did to make Mum’s funeral so absolutely right; your words, your choice of poems so summed up the person she was. It felt that you really knew Mum … heartfelt thanks from all of us for so beautifully making a sad day a special one.”


“We would like to say thank you for preparing and delivering [her] service so eloquently. You captured the essence of [her] perfectly and we had many, many words of praise for her final send off."


"Thank you for sending the draft; we have read it through and think it is perfect. Are you sure you didn't know mum? I really can't think of any changes that would improve on your work."


“Just a little note to say thank you for doing the service for us so well. It made life a lot easier to bear that it was all done with such care."


"Just a quick note from all the family to say how much we appreciated your service for Dad both in its conduct and the eulogy which, I have to say, was considered so appropriate for dad by all."


“My heartfelt thanks to you for leading [his] funeral service so expertly last Wednesday. So many people have said what a wonderful tribute it was and they find it hard to believe that you did not know [him] personally.”


“Thank you for such a lovely service at my husband’s funeral yesterday. Many people asked if you were a family friend and had known [him], which says it all I think. It was a beautiful service, and thanks again.”


“I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you created for us to celebrate Mum's life. You made it a personal experience for us and very fitting. The service was more than I imagined and we received such positive and heartfelt comments and thanks from those who attended.”


“I just wanted to say, on behalf of all that attended mum's service, a big Thank You. Everyone I spoke to asked who you were as they thought you presented the service beautifully. I think mum would have been pleased with your readings and eulogy.”


“Thank you so much for today. It was a lovely service and everyone said it was a fitting tribute to my dad.”


“You captured [his] personality and life story so well that it seemed as if you knew [him] personally. You had everyone transfixed.”


“Thank you so much for delivering such a beautiful service. He would have loved it and everyone commented on how lovely it was.”


“Thank you so much for conducting my mother's funeral service. You made it very special and personal. The eulogy was just right, summing up mother and her life so perfectly. We knew it would be very difficult, but with your help it really became a day of celebration for her life.”


“I wanted to offer my sincere thanks for your guidance and effort, both with the family and at the service. You managed to be professional and personal at the same time during the most difficult time and for that I will be forever grateful.”


“You did a fantastic job, you captured my Dad perfectly with just the right amount of humour. Everyone has commented on what a great speaker you were, it was perfect. I can't thank you enough.”


“You absolutely hit the perfect tone of feeling, sentiment, and the personal touch that we were looking for.”


“Everyone commented on how beautifully it was written and delivered. You really did him proud and I am extremely grateful.”


“We were delighted with the service and thought you delivered it just beautifully. We had lots of very nice comments from those who attended, in full agreement with us, and we just know Mum would have been very pleased as well.”

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